Friday, March 30, 2012

Is My Life was a Movie PART 3!

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That night, I felt all kinds of emotions.
My inner ilusyonada was conniving with my outer ilusyonada,
Preparing a setting of hyper reality that will soon be my world.

I slept with a smile on my face and joy in my heart.

The next morning,
I woke up all excited, probably because I was still hungover from the fairytale that was last night.

Warren and I talked on the phone while he was at the airport.
The longer I talked to him, the more I liked him.
If I had the power, I wouldn't have let him leave,
Simply for fear of never finding him again.

I told him I'll miss him,
And what he said was amazingly philosophical:
"Isipin mo nalang hindi tayo nagkakilala, para hindi ka na malungkot pag wala ako. At least hindi ka mag expect sakin, at hindi ako mag expect sayo."
(Just imagine that you never met me, so that you won't be sad because I am gone. At least you won't expect from me and I won't expect from you.)
If this came from somebody else, I would've given them hell...
But what he said and how he said it was true.. and that made me like him even more.

We would text at times,
And during the first two nights after he left I called him.
I realized it might be too much for him,
So I stopped the calling...

When I go to school or to Manila,
I would always have this giddy feeling when I pass by Philcoa and QC Circle.
Being an ilusyonada all my life is finally paying off!

Of course, no movie is complete without a little bit of drama.
Mine came when Warren wouldn't reply to my texts.
At first I didn't mind,
But after 2-3 days, I was beginning to think something was wrong.
I'm insecure, paranoid and melodramatic... So I was already thinking the worst.

I asked Nicole to ring his phone.
His phone rang.


And he texted Nicole.
"Who is this?"

Now that pissed me off.
How can Warren not reply to any of my texts but he can text Nicole after one ring???

This happened a number of times during the day.
That night, while having dinner with Nicole and her boyfriend
It was decided that he needed to be confronted.
Nicole called him, and this time she waited for him to answer.
Nicole asked him why he wasn't texting "her" (meaning me)
And of course he couldn't understand what she was talking about.
She told Warren to wait for "her" text and she used my phone.
When he saw it, he ended the call.


I texted him, saying I was disappointed with what he did.
When I didn't get a response,
I called him.
He answered and we talked.
Apparently he didn't want people he didn't know to get his number
So that's why he texted immediately (fine)
Also, he didn't to get too attached to the "idea" of us when he is so far away,
Which would lead to more fights.. blah blah

I asked him if he still wanted the communication,
and he said yes.
That was good enough for me...

Call me whatever you want but I would bargain anything
Just so I can keep Warren.
I know he's a fine man,
A good catch...
And definitely my ideal boyfriend.

Before I went to bed, we talked again.
This time, we were both secured with who we are in each other's lives... I think.
At least on my end, the paranoid melodramatic ilusyonada was satisfied and subdued with that dramatic episode.

All is well again.. :)

Happy Friday friends!

Congratulations to all the graduates, especially SAN BEDA CAS BATCH 2012! :)

What do you think about the "movie" so far?
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Stay tuned for part 4!
(Which hopefully I can post tomorrow)

I love you all and thanks a bunch!

Stay tuned!

Your Ilusyonada,

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