Saturday, March 31, 2012

If My Life Was a Movie PART 4!

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At this point,
My movie was turning from a romantic comedy into a sad reality.

Warren hasn't texted for days,
And this caused me to be torn between texting him or not.
If I text him, I'd look needy.
If I don't he might forget me.

So I texted him about his birthday that Thursday.
I asked him whether it was April 2 or 3 (though I already knew it was 3)
I knew I would get a reply with that kind of text,
and thankfully I did.
There was some idle chitchat afterwards, then he stopped replying again.
The rest of the day until Friday was another quiet episode.
No texts.
Not even a single one.

Saturday morning after my morning jog,
I decided to check my Facebook before going to Spanish class.

I randomly checked Warren's profile.

He changed his profile picture.



He added new friends.

But he didn't accept my friend request.

I was in genuine shock and confusion for a solid minute.
Then the tears started falling.
And it didn't help that I had Adele blasting through my speakers.
What the hell just happened???
What went wrong?

I seriously could not comprehend what went wrong for him to do that.
I know it may sound petty.. But that's the point!
For something as petty as Facebook, why would he NOT accept my request?
We both stated clearly that a relationship is out of the question while he was still in the province...
But that doesn't mean we can't even be Facebook friends?

I texted him.
"Hi... Kamusta ka na? Hindi ka nagpaparamdam ah..."
"Hi.. How are you? You've been quiet lately..."
And unsurprisingly, there was no reply.

I seriously did not know how I could handle the rest of the day.
The moment I tried to move, I cried again.
Let's just say it took me a long time before I got to my Spanish class in Manila.

After Spanish class, we had to stay in Kalaw because the rain flooded our street.
I called him but no one answered.
This was when I called my cousin Karen and told her all about it.
Karen took care of me while I was growing up,
Hence the very close relationship that we have.
I asked to come by her condo before I went home so that I can cry my heart out.
After calling her, I tried calling Warren again.
This time, his cousin answered, and he said that Warren forgot his phone.
Why did I not believe that?
I ended the call and smiled, just so my classmates won't know what I've been going through.

Around 5pm, I got on a bus with a heavy heart.
I sat on my seat, and as I reached for to direct the aircon towards me,
I realized it was the same aircon I touched the first time Warren and I met.

I felt a sudden rush of panic and fear as I looked at the curtains, the seats, and even the broken pouch at the back of the seat in front of me.
I was sitting where Warren sat when we first met.

I rushed to change seats on the second row, even if my legs would hurt from the elevated flooring.
I texted Karen about everything that was happening that I didn't notice a guy who sat beside me.
Since I was crying, he asked me if I was okay, or if I needed someone to talk to.
I looked at him and saw a really cute face with concerned eyes!
If I wasn't in such a mess, I would've been really happy,
But then I remembered how I got into this situation,
And l just cried even harder, thanked him dor the concern and just looked out the window so I wouldn't have to deal with him.

The traffic was crazy and I was getting a huge migraine.
This is not the closure I wanted.
At Commonwealth Market, our bus got hit by another bus- right on the spot where we sat.
Fine I get it!
Talk about drama. :(

I took a cab to Karen's and cried the whole night,
Until she told me I had to go home our my dad will kill us.

I was pretty much a mess the rest of the weekend.
No texts. No calls. Nothing.

Monday morning, I decided to share my experience at my Toastmaster's meeting.
I figured it would be my way of releasing my frustrations,
And I needed a topic entertaining enough!
At the meeting, people were entertained and intrigued by my speech
Because I it felt neither real or make-believe.

I went home late and while walking in our subdivision,
A guy was going in the same direction.

I didn't really mind him because I was too tired, and if he was a mugger,
he'd be really disappointed because I only had my keys and left-over paella with me.
After a while, he spoke.
Guy: "Gabi na ah" (It's already late)
Me: "Okay lang"
Guy: "Mag ingat ka, yung kapitbahay namin, nanakawan sa harap ng bahay nila." (You should watch out, our neighbor got mugged right outside their house.)
Me: "Okay."
Guy: "Jhon nga pala." (I'm Jhon by the way.)
Me: 'Macrise.
Guy: "Number mo?" (What's your number?)
I laughed.

I laughed so hard it would've been deemed inappropriate for the situation.
There I was, sulking about because of Warren,
And this guy comes in with that line.

He was obnoxious, cocky...
And if ever I had a type,
He wouldn't be it.

But then again, I'm not a beauty queen either.
So I said what the hell, I gave him my number.
Before he left, he asked me out.
I laughed again.

That night, he texted me, and this was what I concluded:

His texts were immature for a pretty old guy (judging from his look).
He uses Zs instead of Ss.
He uses more smileys than me.
He doesn't text in complete words.
This was alredy a deal breaker for me,
But I was being nice, so I relented to meeting him the next day.

Tuesday evening, we met at a nearby mall.
We "went out" for ice cream. (Yeah. No dinner.)
Now I can safely say that I do not like his attitude... His personality.
He was cocky, perverted but he disguised it as being "open-minded"
If I wanted that kind of relationship, I have enough friends to fill that gap for me...
He was definitely immature for a 30 year old man.

Through out the night and even on the way home,
kept reprimanding me about my personality.
He said I should be more open (he asked me if I was still a virgin! dafuq???)
And that I should control my temper (for getting mad at a jeepney driver for being an asshole???)
Dude, we just met and you're already trying to change me.
I don't even like you.
I was ready to leave him alone but I had the decency to say goodbye as I walked down my street.

I had dinner at home (because we just ate ice cream)
And when I went to my room, I saw two messages from him.
Oh boy did I hate this guy.

He just made me miss Warren even more. :\


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Happy birthday to Facebook friends!

Greet them please? :)

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