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If My Life was a Movie PART 2!

For part one, click here!

The driver smiled after I shrieked for the last time from the phone call and the text message.
I apologized profusely, because I bet he's regretting me as his passenger.

I immediately replied to his text, and that went on well into the night.
Yeah, that's me texting.

At the dinner, my attention was diverted towards someone else...
Let's just say I never learn.

So when I finally came to my senses,
Realized it will never be...
I went back to texting him.

Though I had a lot of fun during that dinner,
I think I was all smiles because of Warren.

I actually left earlier than I could just so I can freely swoon over the madness that just happened to me

Through out the weekend, we texted each other
And we texted about everything!
We talked about life, each other's family, romance...
Sure, there was flirting, but there was a lot more to it.
We were two people who actually wanted to get to know each other well.

In the process of getting to know each other,
I started realizing some things about myself as well.
I used to pride myself in having no specific type in a guy.
Doesn't matter how you look or act, if I like you, I like you...

But that turned out to be a pretty messy thing for me,
because I always end up as the one bawling in the "relationship".

Now talking (more like texting) with Warren, made me realize that I do need to have a type.
I deserve more than just any guy...

Having a type doesn't make me choosy or bitchy.
It just means I know what I'm worth and I deserve to get just that.
If in a crowd of men, I probably wouldn't pick Warren out,
Mostly because I would pick the badass guys where I know I will get hurt,
Or the guy next door who will definitely put me in the friendzone or the brozone.

Warren... well I still don't know what kind of guy he is,
But at a glance, I would say he's the good looking guy in the background.
If he was in a teleserye, he'd be an extra, but nothing more.
Turns out, I don't need the star...
I don't want a fly guy, I just want a shy guy... :)

Meeting him was such an outrageous experience that I had to make sure everything will go well.
For the first time, I wasn't thinking of...

I was just happy that I plucked up the courage to do what I did and now I have a chance of having a relationship with a real nice guy. :)

But the thing is,
I also learned he was leaving in a few weeks.
He asked his aunt to send him money so he can go home for a while before he works.

I was sad, because.. WHO WOULDN'T BE???
I practically went on a suicide mission to get to know this guy and he leaves???
But then again, I was happy because at least I got to know him before he left...
Which will hopefully be enough reason for him to come back?
Here's to me hoping.

This guy is probably one of the most insightful people I have met.
When we talk on the phone or text, he would say things that would make me think about my life and my choices.
For a guy his age (he's a year younger than me) to have that kind of outlook in life is just amazing.. a treasure that I am lucky to discover..

Since I declined his numerous invitations to hang out that Saturday night,
I sorta asked him out for dinner. :\

Yeah, yeah, I know.
But by this time, I think you already get an idea that this wasn't so far from my personality.
And it's all good, coz he said yes. :)

We settled for Tuesday night, after my class.
And boy was I excited!

Fast forward to Tuesday!
I prettified myself and found decent looking clothes.
Yey for pretty derpina!
I was really giddy for this next adventure that I forgot to bring my laptop to class. :\
While in class, I had to refrain myself from looking to happy or occupied, because I just know my professor will call my attention (we were only six in class so she'll definitely notice)
Warren texted me around 7pm, asking what time my class will finish.
He said he would go home first to fix some things...
Apparently he was leaving tomorrow.

My heart sank.
Was this just all a joke made by fate???
Was this punishment for taking matters into my own hands???
Was this a warning that what I did was wrong???

I was ready to throw my phone and sulk, but I realized I was still in school.
No matter, at least we had that night together before he left.

After class, we met at Jollibee Philcoa.

The moment I saw him, I swear I had a little seizure and I had to work extra hard to stay normal.
And oh my was he sweet!
He offered to hold my bag..
But I said no because it wasn't heavy and seeing guys holding their girlfriends' bags are just tacky to me.. unless it's heavy.

It was surprisingly very easy to talk to him in person, smile at him, look at him in the eyes.
It felt as if we've known each other for the longest time,
And holding hands was normal.
He would joke about my hair, I would tease him about his jacket...
It was a fun dinner.

We went to Quezon City Circle afterwards to talk and hangout.

Normally I would find this cheesy and tacky..
Mainly because I've heard the stories of what really goes on there at night. :\ (rated R I tell ya!)
But it just seemed so right that I immediately said yes when he suggested it.

It was my first time to be in Quezon City Circle at night,
And I gotta tell you it's one of the most romantic things I've ever seen.

It was a bit awkward for me at first,
Because though I yearned for a romantic evening like that all my movie-driven life,
I never experienced it before and quite frankly, I had no idea how to deal with that kind of situation.
Clueless! Get it? Get it??? Meh.
It seemed a pretty cool idea before,
since I was seeing it from an audience angle.
But being in that scene was hard!
Thankfully, Warren was kind enough to make me feel at ease, joking around until I was comfortable enough with the idea that it REALLY was a romantic walk in the park.

We walked around, looking for a place to sit
(Apparently Tuesday night was a date night for most people???)
We found a cozy little bench, sat and stared at each other for a while, then laughed.
oh this is gonna be awkward.

It felt really strange, but good.
I guess I was never taken on a proper date before, that's why I felt so out of place, so uncomfortable.
What's more, I was really starting to like him.
Unlike all the other guys I've met,
He was the one I can actually introduce to my parents without having the fear of being disowned.
After a really long time, I can safely say that I was happy that night.

He hugged me a lot that night.
I have never been hugged that often in one sitting, and it felt good.
I think he felt that I needed it.
However, the longer I was with him,
My fear of this adventure ending grew.
Knowing that he would leave the next day,
I avoided all intimate contact...
Even a kiss then ended on my nose. :\

He asked why I was like that,
And I told him it was all to good to be true,
And with him leaving the next day and be gone for a month...
Who knows what would happen?
I've been down that road for too often to just get hurt again.
He understood what I meant, but told me we were too young to not take chances.
That night was a result of risks, fate, and luck,
And to kill the vibe with unnecessary drama would be a waste...

So we kissed...

And it was the sweetest kiss. :)

(Please don't tell my parents or else the next blog post will be a eulogy)

You know the kind of kiss where it was just a long smack?
Like no tongue?
Then the foreheads touch after the kiss, they look each other and they smile before they break away?
Yeah.. That's what happened.

What can I say?
If I wish hard enough for a movie-life, I just might get it.

We left around 10pm, mainly because I didn't want my parents to get suspicious.
While waiting for the bus,
I was smirking to myself because I knew we looked like the couples that I hate so much...
With all the sweetness and gooey stuff that I just hated.

I was definitely gonna miss him,
Knowing that he would be leaving the next day.
He hugged for the last time, kissed me, and I got on the bus.

He waved goodbye as the bus slowly rolled off (is that even right?)
And as I sat by the window, I had to force down a smile...
I went home, thinking of what just happened and what will happen next.

I definitely need to be more disciplined with this blogging bit.
I hope you enjoy. Part three next week!

I will also post updates on getting thin and getting a man soon..
I'm just finishing my final paper for school,
And then am gonna be blogging more regularly.

Thank you for all those who read/ copy paste the pictures!

Stay tuned for more!

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Your ilusyonada,

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