Thursday, March 8, 2012

If My Life Was A Movie, It Would Go Like This...

After Spanish class,
My friend and I stayed behind to talk about our presentation for the next class.

I was kind of in a hurry because I was going to meet friends at 6pm for dinner at Tomas Morato.
Around 5pm, we went our separate ways and I got on a bus...

And just as I looked up to find a seat from the nearly empty bus,

I gazed upon him on the third row.

No that's not how he looks like. I just googled "cute guy in bus" and this came out.
Wearing a grey hoodie (in summer???) and black pants,
We had that split second eye-contact that only happens when you get someone's attention.

When I got my composure back, I went up the aisle.
The first row had one man, the second none, and the third was him.
I wanted to sit beside him but it would be to obvious...
Luckily I saw that the flooring on the second row was elevated for the space of the wheel,

So I went to the third row- where he was seated. (teehee)

At least I had a reason right????
Well anyway, he gave me the window seat, and we sat quietly.
Looking at him up close, he was much cuter than expected!
Unlike the other guys that I usually crushed on who looked like poster boys or matinee idols...

(That's Gaspard Ulliel in Hannibal Rising, Ed Westwick for Penshoppe and Mario Maurer from Love of Siam, just so you'll know)

He looked like a nice, good-natured Filipino... Someone that you can easily fall for.

Nope, that's not him either.
This is JM de Guzman, one of the up and coming starts in Philippine TV.
I knew that I had to do something before we part ways.

This guy was different..
He had this certain something...
I wouldn't even dare call this love at first sight!
But there is this thing that keeps on bothering me that I HAVE TO KNOW HIM.

No. That's not what I meant.
I've been alone and lonely for so long that I almost gave up on finding this thing... whatever it is.

My last relationship shattered not only my heart, but my dignity as well..

And any other form close to a relationship after that brought me more heartache than happiness.
What difference will this guy make?
He might just be another tic mark in my endless statistics of failed what-have-yous.

But he may be the one... right?

Okay so he might not be the one.
But my life is a movie, and it needs a new plot..
So I decided that I will get him to ask for my number before the whole encounter ends.


So I snapped back to reality after that mini-monologue in my head when I heard the conductor ask for our payment.
Since he was near the aisle, he paid first.
He was gonna get off at Philcoa (farther from my stop, at Delta.)
So I did what any irrational ilusyonada would do..
I got a ticket to Philcoa as well.

Right after I got my ticket..
I was thinking "what the hell am i doing???"

But it's done, so I really gotta push this through.

I looked over and saw him sleeping.

Still not him.
He looked a bit tired... Sick even. (rhyming?)
I was so excited with what I was gonna do that I immediately called my good friend Nicole to tell her all about it!
I guess I was kinda too excited because just as I was gonna tell her, HE WOKE UP.

I guess I talked too loud. :\
Now I had to make an excuse why I was calling her, and Nicole was pretty weirded out by what happened.
I ended the call when a peso from my change (which I was still holding) fell.
He saw it fell as well, and he started looking under the chair for it.

Now's my chance!

So with the nicest sounding voice I could muster,
I said "Okay lang, huwag mo na hanapin..." (It's okay, you don't have to look for it...)

And he looked at me and smiled.

He had the sweetest smile I have ever seen...
I swear I thought I heard angels singing when he flashed that sheepishly gorgeous smile.

Of course I had to look nonchalant, (though I think I did a horrible job)
We sat up, then he started looking for the coin again... (oh my sooo cute!!!)
So I told him he didn't have to, and he smiled, saying "sayang naman" (it's a waste)
I laughed like a well-mannered girl and went back to looking at the window.

Apparently both of us fell asleep,
And when I woke up, it was already 5:30...
And we were just approaching Morayta (usually a 10-15 minute drive from Kalaw)

I almost forgot about my mission, when I saw him beside me.
Damn why do I have to swoon on such random things!

As we approached crazier traffic,
I thought... This was my chance!
We were both silently commenting about the traffic, while nervously looking at each other...
Testing if there would be a response.
There were quiet smiles, looking away, stretching because we just woke up....
I looked at the booklet he was holding, and asked him about it.
Then we started talking...

I learned about his job,
where he is from,
where he stays in Philcoa,
And that he likes exploring new places like the QC Circle, Lamesa Eco Park (near my home!), the wild life thingy at Quezon Ave,
he has a fever, (the red ears and "too warm temperature" gave it away)
And that it was his last training for the cruise ship company he's in.

He asked me where in Philcoa I lived.
I never thought about this one!
So I told him I was just gonna get a paper from my professor in UP.
I think he bought it...

But I think he bought it too well.
He wanted to go with me... Since it was already dark and crimes are at its peak at this hour.
How am I gonna get out of this one???
I made up another lie, saying my professor just texted me, saying that he already left his office. (It was already 6pm)
I saw his face, and it was like:

I pitied him,
Because if he only knew how much I liked him already..
I'm sure he wouldn't feel upset at all.

We were quiet for a while, then he told me I should still get off at Philcoa.
I laughed and said "Oo naman hanggang dun lang binayad ko eh!" (Of course, I paid only until Philcoa)
He smiled and was quiet again.
Then he asked if I wanted to walk around QC Circle for a while...
I WANTED TO SAY YES but I was late for dinner,
So I just said I couldn't because I was wearing high heels.
(WTF am I doing??? Why am I rejecting all his offers???)

We were quiet until we reached Philcoa.

See the lights? That's how fast buses/cars/jeeps/taxis are in Commonwealth Ave.
At the stop (which was in the middle of deadly Commonwealth Avenue for Filipino bus drivers/smh),
He walked first, making sure it was safe for me to cross.
He was reaching his hand to me,
and even if i was so tempted to hold it,
I had  to be strong and not do it,
because I wanted everything to be right, to not feel rushed or too much, too easy, to artsy, to surreal that  will realize this is just a fantasy.
I saw him look at me when I looked at his hand.
I felt that sense of defeat once again,

and I knew I was running out of time.

At the sidewalk,
knowing that I got less than ten seconds before we leave each other's lives,
I held his arm softly and said, "Hindi mo ba kukunin number ko? Ang hina mo naman... :)" (Aren't you going to ask for my number? You're so slow... :)-

He laughed, and he said "inuunahan mo naman ako eh, kukunin ko na nga" (you just said it first, but i was going to)

We smiled sheepishly and laughed while i typed my number in his phone.

That was the time he asked for my name. "Macrise"
Ako si Warren (I am Warren)
We shook hands and laughed again.

He kinda asked me for dinner that night,
but I knew I had to go because it was already 6:30.
I was late.

He was kind enough to flag down a taxi for me,

and before I got in,
I held his arm again and said
"Sana hindi mo sayangin ang lakas ng loob ko ha" (I hope you don't waste my courage for what I just did)
He said "Oo naman.." (of course)
I looked at him, and he waved goodbye,

 and the taxi went on its way.

I immediately phoned Nicole to scream and swoon and talk at the same time.
I heard a beep from my phone meaning there was a message, but I didn't mind it.
At the end of conversation, I checked my phone.

Text message from him!!!

"Take care Crise... My full name is Warrenlou but you can call me Warren.. 
Nice to meet you. It felt good..."

I guess my life can be a movie after all. :)

Guess whether this is fact or fiction. :)
What do you think about this? Do you like it? Do you hate it?
I will do my best to post daily, but I realize it really is a lot harder than I thought.

Stay tune for what can happen next!

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I love you all! Thank you first sticking with me even after the month-long blogging absence.

Your ilusyonada,

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