Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wise Words from Lolo Mario...

Happiness is your birthright.

That is the one line that resonated through me when I saw Lolo Mario's commercial in Coca-Cola.
For those people who do not watch TV or are outside the Philippines, here is the commercial:

Lola Mario sure knows what he's talking about.
Imagine, a 100 year old man,

appreciating life and everything in it...

Despite all the problems the present has given humanity.

Life surely has a way of teaching us.
Through many experiences, we learn what makes us happy, sad, afraid, mad...

But one thing is for sure.

Happiness is out there.

And we have all the time in the world to find it and experience it.

You see, I wasn't very happy when I was young.

It wasn't because of my parents and brothers...

It wasn't because of school...

It wasn't because of friends (or lack of)...

But simply because I didn't want to be.
Emo right?

Looking back now, I think I was just afraid.
Happiness seemed to unreal for me back then, and searching for it would be fruitless.
It seemed like happiness was only meant for the movies.

But then again, when I was younger I thought that happiness entailed having a fancy car, a big@$$ house, lots of money and a hot spouse.

Now that I am older (not necessarily wiser)
I have come to realize that happiness is not just about material things...
Happiness can come from within, once you are surrounded by people that make you happy.

It might seem weird, but it was hard for me to choose to look for happiness.
I was comfortable with being unhappy, and I was scared of not knowing what happiness will lead to.

Time came when I was in a really big rift in my family.
It was hard to see them so far away from me, as if they do not know me.
It was even harder to see that their happiness is complete because I am not happy...

I am not happy when I am with them....
I am not happy without them...
I simply wasn't happy.

This was the time that I decided to choose happiness.
My selfishness affect the happiness of the people I love the most, and that is one thing I cannot accept.

I choose to be happy, but the road to happiness is not as simple as it looks.

For me, there is always regression, a never ending battle of going back to my dark and lonely ways.
But I am lucky, because my family and friends are always with me.

I also think that happiness is not just with other people,
but in the things we do, and the dreams we make.
In whatever we do, as long as it empowers us...
It gives us happiness.

Sometimes I think to myself, if what I am doing is what I really want.
Is this want I want in my life?
Does this make me happy?

To tell you the truth, I am still unsure about my answer with those questions.
I am still in my quest to find happiness.

It's February and people are just smothering me with that lecture/ litany of "being with your loved ones means also your family.." blah blah.
Yeah I get it!

I am just saying that I want to be happy on my own terms.
I want to say that I am happy not just because my family is, 
but because I made myself happy.

Where is happiness?
Personally, I do not know yet.

But I do know that my happiness is just out there, waiting for me to discover it.
In the mean time, we should cherish the moments that we are happy with others...
Because they will never leave you to be sad.

So to those who think that happiness is found in a bottle of vodka..
Or in the arms of a man or a woman during a lonely night..
(Sometimes happiness is found there haha)
But there is still more out there for you.. For all of us.

And the people you love will always be there for you...
Helping you and keeping you happy while you look for your OWN happiness.

Never underestimate the little things,
because those are the things that you will remember the most...

And make you smile at random moments of the day. (Just make sure no one else sees or they might think it's weird haha)

And later on you will realize (as I have),
that the time we spend looking for happiness has made us appreciate life, our family and friends even more.
And we will never tire of this bond that we have made,
for when we choose to find happiness, happiness finds us as well... through our loved ones.

I am saying this, not from a happy place, but with the knowledge that I can and will find my own happiness, and the journey to get there will be worth the while. :)

Lolo Mario says it the best. :)

For a product I am not allowed to drink, its every commercial has fed and filled my heart and soul with warm and fuzzy feelings. Good job Coca Cola! :)

Thank you everyone for reading my blog! Writing here not only helps me in my new year resolutions, but it also helps me get to know myself a little better. Everyday I learn something new about myself, see what else I can work on, and finally fulfill my life purpose (whatever that is). To all my friends from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and everywhere else.. thank you from the bottom of my hypothalamus gland! :)

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Your ilusyonada,