Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Will to My Grace

Friends have a strange way of appearing in your life,
embracing your soul,
and leaving prints in your heart that you will always treasure.

Cheesy much huh?
Personally, I never thought I would have a friend that wouls mean so much to me...
So much that there came a time that we even talked about marrying each other when one gets a green card (hahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Since this month I plan to write about the things I love,
I am now writing about the one man that I will always love,
no matter how many heartbreaks I get...
No matter how many divorces I go through... (his prediction, not mine)

He said this might be my life story.

And no matter how much weight I gain,
and no matter how dramatic I get,
He will always be there for me.

Let me introduce to you my dear friend, my better half.. JETHRO.

During college, we encounter many friends that make our stay much more colorful
We encounter many groups of people that will either touch, shake, or embrace or lives.

One thing we have to face though,
is the fact that the first people you befriend may not necessarily be the one you will be with in the end,
and the ones who you think will never be your friends will surprisingly be your closest ones.
And one will stick out and stay with you... no matter what you do.

When I shifted from BS Accountancy to BS International Business and Entrepreneurial Management,
I was not happy.
Things at home were very shaky because my supposed "dream" of becoming and accountant was not gonna come true.
I worked on my own and I was gonna be accepted to UP for European Languages,
But my father said:

"You couldn't even stay a year in San Beda, how can you survive UP?"

So I said:

So basically, I dragged myself to shift to BS IBEM.
It was bearable though, because my friends, "The Elite Girls" (Pau, Steph and Donna) shifted as well and we got the same schedules.

Steph, Pau, Donna and me! Damn I miss them! :')

In making our schedules, we chose taking classes with section ABE (the first section in BS IBEM), thinking that we would learn a lot and get to keep up with the course, seeing that the first section MUST be the best.

Or is it?

If I was asked to describe ABE in one word at that time, it would be: IMPOSSIBLE.
They were rowdy, loud, violent, coarse, rough, "uncultured", unruly, and downright chaotic.
Oh what a mess!
I was just getting used to the rowdiness of boys in a coed school,
Then come this class that seem to come straight our of Fight Club!

Well that was just me.

And only for a few months.

After getting to know these people, they have become the most endearing, memorable and treasured people in my life during college.

Why Harry Potter? Because F U that's why! :))

Apparently this was also the section of the Management Society officers.

My friends (Pau and the gang) were talking about me joining the organization so that we can get in the loop of all that's happening in the department because we were irregular students.

And so I joined the Management Society and gained many friends,
including the one classmate who always gave me this "negative" vibe whenever I am in the room.

His name was Jethro.

Joining the Management Society meant a lot of activities, late nights, creative masturbation (for the lack of a better term) and crazy moments with crazy friends.

This was when I realized Jethro and I were two peas in a pod.

He had this flair of making everything look better,
Of making everything look more excellent than it already is.

He designed this gown for me. :)

While bored at the office...

When I went out after school...

For formal pictorials :)

During debuts :) (with Jayson)

Hosting for car shows.. :)

My creative graduation picture!

My gradpic!

All the events that we headed had that 'Jethro feel'
And everybody felt it.

He was also the one who introduced me to the SAN BIGKIS PARTY!

He inspire me to run for office...
And although I lost, it was a real blessing for him to bring me to the SBP Family.

The Management Society and the San Bigkis Party were only the start of a beautiful and outrageous friendship that Jethro and I have.
After graduation, we were together almost everyday.
We would jog early in the morning from Luneta to CCP,
He would go to my house (which is so faaar from Manila)
I even went to Pangasinan to visit him!

Unfortunately, Jethro is in Brunei right now..
Making it rain like no one else can!
I really miss him, and during the first few weeks that he was gone, I was really sad...
Sometimes I even cried.

I am very happy and lucky that I found someone like Jethro.

When people encounter their own Jethro in life, they should treasure it.

I miss you Jethro.
I hope you come back soon.


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Your ilusyonada,

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