Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Its not about the record of victories gained but about the record of clean and honest triumphs on battles fought, about the friends and family, more than experience, we have reaped along the way, and about being true to our values.

Record? Then let's get it straight. We don't have any record of artifice, betrayal, or falsity. We only have records of good governance that only history may attest to.

BLACK AND WHITE. These are the colors of truth, of honesty. RED AND WHITE. These are the colors of my dear Alma Mater, of clean valiancy, of undoubted bravery, of untarnished reputation. Now tell us, through these years and through what history may submit, which of the two walls stands uprightly to its purpose and promise?

Let's do this SBP 2012.

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I know I am done and out of this college, but this party, this FAMILY is so dear to my heart that I will never let go.
SBP has taught me so much, and I intend to give back by teaching the younger generations the values of San Bigkis.

Election time has come, and once again horns will sprout, tails will appear, and evil will unleash itself all over the place through scandal and controversy.
But I know that San Bigkis will rise above it all, with humble and committed leaders, ready to serve San Beda College.


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Stay tune for tomorrow!

Your ilusyonada,

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