Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Family that Lives Healthy Together, Lives Longer Together!!!

Since Papa's bout with his health,
A lot of things had to change.

Poppa and I went to his real doctor (the one at FEU hospital cost too much and we only talked to him for less than five minutes)
And boy did he get a telling off. (hihi first time!)

Since they were good friends, the doctor scolded him on his smoking and eating habits.
Though he was fighting the doctor every step of the way, he knew he had to change.. and so did our family.


The doctor basically gave me the responsibility of making sure that EVERYONE in our family started living a healthier lifestyle.

Basically, Momma is ruling our eating habits...
Filling our meals with veggies and fish.

We agreed to just finish all the cold cuts and canned goods,
Then for the next month onwards, we will only buy fresh fish and veggies.
Chicken, beef or pork only once a week.

The only preserved food that we can still buy is our favorite Spanish sardines!!!

My brothers don't know about this yet...
But when they do, I think I know what their reaction will be! hahaha

It's exciting, this change that we are about to do.
I know there will be a lot of cranky faces and even crankier appetites,
But I know it's all for the best!
And now, it will be easier to lose weight because of this wonderful support system! (not that they have a choice haha)

And hopefully, we will no longer experience the terror of rushing someone to the hospital. :)

Sorry about the short post,
I wanted this to be more detailed but my internet tonight is really effed up. :(

I promise more entertainment in store for you tomorrow! :)

Thank you for reading my blog.. :) I notice a lot of South American and European friends dropping by..
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Till tomorrow... I got a busy day! Can't wait to share it with all of you! :)

Your ilusyonada,

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