Monday, February 6, 2012

Almost... But Not Quite.. Yet!

Thank goodness February has given me a lot on my plate!

I barely have the chance to remember the bitterness of this month gives me.

Though I have had my own epic fails with regards to love and love making this past week (which I opt to not blog about.. because I am not that kind of an attention whore haha),
I am grateful also for the many blessing and trials I have received this month of February. :)

After a long wait, I finally have a job interview!

I won't spill all the details yet, because there is still no confirmation.

It's not as glamorous as I hoped, not as epic as I wanted...
But a job is a job. :)

Frankly, I'm sick and tired of not being able to do what I want to do because of the lack of finances.
I am embarrassed every time I can't go out with friends,

pay for dinner,

watch a movie,

or even go to Manila

just because I don't have enough cash.

Well that will soon end!!! (hopefully)

Sorry for the short post, I got a feeling I'm gonna be real busy this month with school and my "kids"

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Any suggestions on what else I can blog about? This February is all about things that I love, so if you love something and you want to share it with me, put it in the comments below and I will write about it... maybe even try it! :)

Until tomorrow...

Your ilusyonada,

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