Thursday, January 5, 2012

What's Siksik Mama???

My mom is the awesomest there is.


So I blogged about having to buy a weighing scale, so I'll know just how big I really am.
The next morning, I told momma that I was gonna buy a weighing scale before we went grocery shopping, but she said "no, it's not important, you're wasting money..." so I dropped the subject and we went on about our usual haul of snacks for school, cold cuts, canned goods, juice and so on...

Then last night momma came home with a present for me!

For wellness!

It was a weighing scale! A pink one at that!
It's pink to make you feel better when you go to 300-400...

She said it was cheaper to buy it from her Avon Lady rather than buying it from the department store.

So I was happy with he "pasalubong", but I didn't even dare open the box Until this morning.

I adjusted the marks, expecting the worst. I weighed a whopping 200 lbs. at the start of 2011, who knows how much I weighed now??? I opened my eyes and looked down...


Not bad ey? I lost 3 lbs from last year...

This is really amazing for me, considering all the garbage that I ate the last year.

Let me tell you just how much I ate and how I ate before this conscious effort to change:

I used to eat anything.. And everything!

I ate when I'm happy...





and everything else in between.

When my tummy hurts, this is what I think:

I say it's waste to leave leftovers, so I make sure there's nothing left after a meal.

Whenever we go to a buffet, I get my money's worth. :))

Looking back now, I'd say it was pretty disgusting.

I had this illusion that I was an Epicurus, ready to eat anything new!

But secretly, I was just eating away my frustrations, hurt and all the bad feelings I encounter in life.
It's my way to escape reality.

Things I did to lose weight:

Diet: It never really worked because I would see my brothers eating all the good stuff.

Exercise: I don't like getting sweaty, and poppa doesn't want me jogging around the subdivision (full of bad guys supposedly)

Buying Clothes Smaller Than My Size: I just end up giving them away. :(

Starving Myself: I just go insane.

Especially when I see my brothers eating the good stuff.

And then taunting me that it'll never work.


Finally, momma agreed to get me fitted with braces.

I got mine December 21 of last year, right before Christmas so I won't join the holiday binge, whether I like it or not.

With my beautiful dentist Doc Marni!

True enough, I fit into my outfit perfectly that Christmas eve,

And on Christmas day...

While eating (drinking) soup.

Now why am I doing all this craziness? Why don't I just love myself the way I am? (I do, by the way, love myself).

I do love myself, which is exactly why I want to lose the weight and get healthy.

And for change as well.
I have done so many things with my hair, makeup and clothes...



That now I know it's finally time to change the thing that I hate most about myself; my weight.

I know this is a hard road I will take, and I know I need these to help me get through it all.


Been having a hard time trying to get up and jog. I hope I finally do it. :)

Self Control

It's hard to not get extra rice, but I've managed to stick to the plan... And just drink gallons of water with it.


This is gonna be a long ride, and I better prepare myself.

So there. I think I'm off to a good start don't you think? I know I gotta step my game up if I really want to do this successfully, and I know that I'm ready to change.


One company texted me and another one called. Unfortunately, they both seemed shady and I don't want to waste my money just going to a shady office and be disappointed. :(

Must stick to government jobs from now on.

Well I hope you enjoyed this blog and thanks a bunch for reading! I promise to give you more juicy details about my life and other issues on twitter.. Just follow me at @maccerpacker (shameless self- promotion segueway!)

I got no classes tomorrow so I get to prepare more for tomorrow's post! Hopefully it's more fun than this one. :)

Oh, and to all asking who the guys are in my previous post... I'll never tell... Unless you ask me nicely. HAHA

I love you all and stay tuned!

Your ilusyonada,


  1. oh i love it! kasama ako dto! nahiya naman ako ng very slight! ahahhaha

  2. hahahaha! hindi pala ako nag iisa! :) mainam yan!

  3. kaya yan sweetie. ako din diet mode ngayon e. no rice and yoga :)

  4. Darling Joan, go for the gold :)

    Changing is a way to love ourselves. Striving for excellence is a must.... I enjoyed this medyo nga lang di sunod sunod yung basa ko its kinda slow in the office but it takes away the stress... :)


    1. Thanks Gelo! Hope you stick around for more! :)