Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Of Friendships Made and Lost...

This was my post for January 9 :)
I promise to never have backlog again!!! It's too frustrating!!!

I don't like posting on my blogs without pictures, and that actually takes more time than just writing the stuff...

Once again, I never wanted to offend people because of my blog.. Unless I explicitly say I want to offend someone, I don't want to offend anyone. But I know how people put themselves into other people's situations (or is it just me?) therefore I will once again say this story is fiction.
So here it goes!

I cried tonight because of what my father said.

During dinner, poppa asked me if I was still friends with a certain person because he wanted to invite this person's parents to our house blessing, and naturally invite the person as well. I was clearly shocked when he asked me this, because I stuttered and barely sat on the table across him. I was fidgety and it took me a good 10 seconds before I told him "Uhm.. we're not really speaking anymore."

Now the rest of the family knows that we are no longer in the best terms, but it's hard to tell that to my dad who already has enough problems. When he asked my way, my voice started cracking up. I tried to explin to him why, but then the tears just started flowing down my face, as if he was scolding me.

Poppa asked me, in a very strange caring voice, "Why are you crying?"

In truth, I really didn't know why, but I knew I missed that person, but it still hurts me when I think of what happened between us. For me, the things that person said to me were uncalled for, no matter how "wrong" I may have been towards this person.

I will no longer dwell on what happened and to why we are no longer the way we were, but this shows that even the strongest friendships can be broken.

Through the years I have formed many friendships with quite a number of people. Some have stayed, some have faded away, but I treasure each and every one of those relationships, because they were and will always be real.

Some friends may come from different backgrounds, but come together and create a powerful energy.

Some friends stick together because of necessity, then eventually love each other with sincerity...
Eve if one of them will always be that weird guy.

Some friends are your personal motivators, that cheer you on no matter how gloomy your day is.

Some friends will protect you from all harm (sometimes even too much) because they know what you've been through, and they know you need them to be with you...

Some friends become your kingmaker. They are your mentors and help you become successful even in the smallest way.

Some friends make you look good as couple... But you know that $h!t is outta whack.

Some friends you love, but their crazy attitude gets you crazy as well!

Some friends you love, but at the same time you also love to hate!

And some friends you just can't live without.

So there I was.. crying while trying to have dinner.

I still don't know if poppa invited them, because when I asked him not to, he didn't give me an answer.
I do miss that friend of mine, and I know that someday, we will be able to talk again and hopefully have some kind of friendship.

I'm sorry for the nonsense-serious posts, but I do hope you still like them. I guess it's been crazy this past week and I just had to let it. Love it? Hate it? Post on the comments section below!


Been maintaining my one cup rice meals and trying my best to drink more water.

Hopefully next week I get to really start my food diary, as suggested by reader Madeleine :)

Haven't been jogging this week yet, but belly dancing has been my friend! I like doing the dance and it saves me the effort of leaving the house. I do wanna go back to jogging though.

Researching on what kind of food I should eat to help my metabolism. Any suggestions? Please help me through the comment section below!


I've applied to three government offices. Hopefully I get a reply from at least one of them! :)


So as I said on my previous post, I do have a new crush but I also know it will just be that. I think Aphrodite doesn't want me to get overwhelmed in life, that's why the man section is still empty. :\

So there you have it! I have another blog post for you tonight, and I hope you like it. :)

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Once again, thank you for reading and following my blog! It means so much that some people actually care or can relate to what I am going through right now. Thanks a bunch!

You ilusyonada,


  1. I really laughed hard with the pictures that you've posted here in this blog post.. :))

    It's great to have true friends around.. We don't need a lot of friends.. what we need in life are people who'll stay with us no matter what shit has life to offer..

    Try to eat more fruits and vegetables.. with fiber in them, it will surely let your metabolism to fasten it's adaptability to your new diet plan..

    *keep writing and keep inspiring people*

    Have a great day @maccerpacker

    Leo Kevin Mendiola

  2. Thanks for that Leo!
    Friends sure are harder to find nowadays and each and every single one of them are treasures.

    I'm trying the fruits thing but I think their sugar is doing more harm than good coz my insomia is acting up again!I'm trying my hardest to eat veggies, but I still seem to be like a little kid with veggies. haha

    Thanks a bunch for following and I will keep on writing! :)