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A Myriad of Choices, A Quest for Glory

I'm sorry that I have once again broken my promise of posting everyday, but I'd rather do that than pass out from exhaustion haha. So here it goes, what I wrote for Sunday, January 8:

My favorite story is The Iliad
Not because I'm all about culture, or the gods look cool...
Not even because Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana starred in the movie.

hubba hubba.

It's because of the line's Achilles' mother said to him when he was thinking of going to battle against Troy:
"If you stay in Larissa, you will find peace. You will find a wonderful woman, and you will have sons and daughters, who will have children. And they'll all love you and remember your name. But when your children are dead, and their children after them, your name will be forgotten... If you go to Troy, glory will be yours. They will write stories about your victories in thousands of years! And the world will remember your name. But if you go to Troy, you will never come back... for your glory walks hand-in-hand with your doom. And I shall never see you again. "

I was in third year high school when our very wise English teacher taught us this story, and since then I have tried to emulate what Achilles chose for himself.

The following story might and will probably offend people who will think they are the basis of these characters (because Filipinos love to be the center of attention haha)
And because my better half @ohohmaryo wanted me to use discretion, I will just say that his story is fiction.

During my third year in college, I was given the opportunity to run for Student Council in our college.

Now I never had any experience of running for anything, other than running for the buffet table or running away from a flying cockroach.

I was quite hesistant, anxious but excited at the same time because to be thought of as someone who can lead the student body is a big deal to me. Before, I just saw myself as the loud student who wanted to befriend everyone. Who knew that this might actually be the foundation of a good student leader? :)

This is all well and good, but I had quite a number of problems with running:

My good friend introduced me to their group that was the underdog when it comes to student council elections, and quite frankly, didn't really believe in this group because of their sorry statistics of wins and losses. Before being offered a position, I was actually rooting for the other party, just because they seemed cooler.

I wasn't really the popular one. And in college,  we need popularity to win! I already planned what I will be doing for my last year in college because I believe that it would be the most crucial part of college, and what I do then I can also put in my resum.. being popular is not one of them.

And my biggest problem of them all:

My parents don't want me to run. No ifs, ands or buts.. I just can't. And that is the last word.

Or so I thought.

I asked my department chair if I could run for the Student Council (meaning I have to let go of my position as head of Creative and Productions committee in the department). Of course he didn't like the idea, but being my professor, mentor and good friend, he relented. This would also mean that if I lose,  will no longer be part of the Executive Board the next year.

Apparently, I already had a lot of friends that were also part of this group, so it was easy to feel like I belong. One of the older members were talking to me, convinving me to run. At this time, I was already positive on the idea of running, but still unsure of the things that will happen. I told him my fears, and he told me he and the group will support me all the way, even after this whole hooplah.

Remembering what Achilles' mother told him, I went through it without telling my parents, without any assurance that I would win, without official support from my department, without any positive outcome actually. But to hell with it! I got into this mess, and whether I come out of it alive or with an arrow to the ankle (or knee), I make sure I will not regret it, and be remembered for what I have done. I was ready to kick ass!

It was time to hear who our competition was, and the other person who was running for my position was a beauty queen. She had a strong folowing of men, a pseudo-TV personality, had brains too (or so they say). MY ULTIMATE CRUSH IN SCHOOL IS EVEN HER BOYFRIEND!!!

This is how I look like:

This is how she looks like:


My heart sank. I had no idea how to beat a rival, moreso a rival of this caliber! Suddenly, I really did feel like Achilles.. not because I will be remembered for the rest of time, but because I was sure I would die a horrible death in this ordeal.

No matter. I got into this and I will finish it (or she will finish me). So I campaigned my a$$ off, went to school early, went to trainings, made excuses to escape home and did all that I can so that I at least have some percentage of votes. Miting de Avance came and I had a very interesting experience with my competitor.

She really was beautiful.

She really had a strong male following.

She didn't answer questions the way I expected her too.

She didn't even know how to pronounce my name!

I had this tagline during the election that was trying to emphasize that looks didn't matter: I may not be your Helen of Troy, but I do have the face that will launch a thousand sponsorships.

Apparently this tagline stuck to people (especially freshmen and sophomores) and they advocated that line and the principle it stands with. I felt like I had a chance, especially when these people cheered when I said these lines.

Unfortunately, real life isn't my forte and illusions are the only place where I emerge victorious. I lost to the beauty queen and had to face real life once again.

So that was my life as Achilles. But because I am real and he is fiction, I had to move on with life and found that I also had the same fate!

I became part of the Executive Board in our department despite losing in the election, and I can proudly say I did very well as the IVP in our organization.
I gained plenty of new friends that up to now are very close and dear to me.
The younger students also know who I am, sometimes even if I son't know who they are.
Though I did not graduate with academic honors, I graduated with awards in leadership that I am truly proud of.
My brothers (who are also in the same college) are well taken cared of, because they know I am their sister.

For some reason, I am still remembered in my college, not only by the students, but the security guards, administrators, janitors and other employees as well.

So to the younger generation and to my peers who still have doubts on venturing something or regrets for not doing anything... I advice you to take life by the horns and give it your all! Because no matter if you succeed or fail, if you give your all, your best and your sincerest self, you wil be rewarded, you wil be remembered and you will be celebrated for your bravery and sincerity.

I do not know where beauty queen is now, and I hope she is happy where she is.

Because I am also happy with where I am and how I got here.

As I write this, I can proudly say that I am my own Achilles, and my Iliad is yet to be finished.

But I know that this Achilles won't die, her spirit will keep on burning like the sun in they sky.

So there you have it.. I'm exhausted but happy and these thoughts have been on my mind the whole weekend.
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