Saturday, January 7, 2012

Let's Get Physical en Espanyol!

This was my post for January 7, but I just got internet now... So bear with me please! :)

So today I finally went jogging.. And more!

Momma didn't go with me today, but my youngest brother did. (Seems like I'm motivating everyone to get fit haha)

Funny thing about our subdivision, is that it's so huge that we have two plazas. One is more sporty and meant for bigger gatherings, and the other one was more quaint, though still with basketball courts, but was meant for a more "senior" audience. Guess which one I went to?

HAHA. Yep, the seniors' plaza.. More appropriately named the Centennial Plaza.

So we walked (which is a big feat because the plaza is a LOOOOOOONG way from home) and this is what I saw...

okay no matter how much I try to rotate the damn thing, ayaw umayos.

Plenty of senior citizens walking side by side (aww how sweet)


My brother literally left me when he started running, and I just stretched my muscles walking.

This plaza looks like a mini forest with small paths that lead to benches and tables, perfect for picnics and cheap dates :)

It's hard to take pictures while walking so i just got the playground right :)

I remembered how cute the boys are in our subdivision when I saw A LOT of them playing basketball in the covered court.

This motivated me to get a better camera so I can show you how hot they are! haha

Before 7am, I heard music coming from the center of the plaza and saw people (mostly ladies of ALL ages) coming in to join an aerobics class.

And the best part of all, it's for FREE!
The barangay captain and his WIFE (who was of course present as well) made this a weekly activity meant for all residents (why didn't I hear of this before?).

Now I thought this would just be a simple aerobic workout with stretches and what have you..

But these ladies were bringing in!

I learned to sashay, mambo, do a jazz square and other stuff...

The fitness instructor is Lindon Bulaon, a fitness coach at Fitness First SM Fairview and Options Studio.

Coach Lindon and me after the workout. Now you know how big I am. :))

It was a lot of fun dancing and sweating off my fats away to Michael Jackson, Madonna, PINK and even Spice Girls!

The cool down was awesome too, we did some yoga poses and strengthening of the shoulders.

If I saw this last year, I would've just shrugged it off and found it corny, but it was SO MUCH FUN!
As my cousin said, Once you enter any activity, either put your whole heart in it or don't do it at all. :)

I'm definitely looking forward to next Saturday for this workout!
It seems my plan to becoming fit has already started and well on its way. :)

Finally using my shoes!!!

So my advice to those who are on the same track as me, check your barangay, homeowners association or village for any free weekend community exercises you can join, coz usually it's for free! :)

So now I'm typing this blog post here at Instituto Cervantes de Manila where I am taking Spanish class as part of my masters degree.

My Awesome Possum Nivel Uno buddies with our teacher Lisa!
My crazy funny Nivel Dos classmates with our teacher Senyora Trining!

I could've chosen any other language, but to me, Spanish had this hook on me for so long.Maybe it's from Marimar, the Tango, or Eva Peron, but I've always felt a strong connection to the language and the culture.

Our very artistic looking building :)

Then I remember my father told me that we do have Spanish ancestry, and that Corrado is Spanish. Cool!

I also studied Mandarin in college, which was a lot of fun since I had that Meteor Garden/ F4 craze back in highschool.

Vanness was always my  pick :)

I want to learn so many languages, not only Mandarin and Chinese because I want to understand all people's culture.
Now that it got me thinking, this is part of why I want to become an Ambassador someday (hopefully in the near future hehe).

And it wouldn't hurt to get to know Spanish men in the process.. hihi.


So there you have it, that's my post for the day.. I'm gonna be rather busy the rest of the weekend and I will have more for you tomorrow night!

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I promise to blog MORE posts tomorrow!

Your ilusyonada,

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