Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jack of all trades, Master of International Studies?


If you ask any of my friends what I want to become when I grow up, they all know what to say.

During college and after graduation, I had a very promising future ahead of me.I even had a ten year plan for what I was gonna do.

me and a good friend during graduation!

I was gonna start and FINISH my masters while working for the government (once I get my Civil Service Permit), pass the FSO exam and finally become an Ambassador.

Oh yeah! If only it happened...

The question is, how did I end up being unemployed for more than a year now?

After graduation (which was on April 9), I tok my Civil Service Exam the same month. I was told that I had to wait until July to  know whether I passed or not, so I had a few months to chill and enjoy my freedom after 4 straight years of all study and no vacation (even during summer.. I'll talk about it soon).

I really shouldn't have shared that piece of information because then my momma wanted me to work already, even part time or contractual, because she was afraid I would get bored at home. (yeahright) Because I love my momma and I wanted to give them and awesome silver wedding anniversary gift, I said yes.


So I looked for a job, and found several posts willing to take in fresh graduates with no experience and full of gusto (haha). I got a nice, 8-6 job with minimum wage and requires me to go to parties every month. On May 3, (less than a month after my graduation), I started working for the company. It was a good gig, I enjoyed doing what I did in college in my work, and I was getting paid for it! 

But after a few months, I find myself getting bored with what I was doing, and I kinda really hated my boss after he called me out as "not rich enough to buy an iPhone" (That bastard!). Then I found out I passed the Civil Servce Exam so I had every reason to leave, but I was under contract. Because of that, I was really becoming the biatch I hated to be in the workplace. 

Good thing my other boss, (the nicer and prettier one) talked some sense and tough love into me and I became a good girl again.

I even went to work during holidays and basically spent my weekends at the office for events. Come November, we had a new building and somebody had to work with it, and I was thrown into that arena. Next thing I knew, I had no day offs, no holidays, working 15 to 18 hours a day and having duties of 4 different employees and different job descriptions with THE SAME MINIMUM WAGE.

I was tired and I still had six months to go, but I wanted out!!! So on December, I quit.

Sayonara suckers.

I thank that company and the people in it (yes, even that bastard of a boss), because I learned a lot, and gained a lot too!

I lost weight. (for not eating on time and starving myself to serve clients)

Check the cleavage y'all!!!

I got to wear glasses! (for straining my eyes)

Do I look like the typical porn teacher/secretary? hahahaha!!! no.

I had fairer skin.(for not being able to go out and just staying inside a verrrry cold showroom)

Glutha? No. Subzero temp? Yes.

I developed makeup skills. (Fast internet and youtube can give wonders!)

Michelle Phan wannabe :)

I grew closer to my family. (I started missing them after the first week of no bonding with the fam)
You gotta love how we love dressing up! hahaha

I got a hefty bonus of 60 thousand pesos from the GM and CEO!!!! (thank goodness somebody acknowledged my hard work!)
Yep. 60,000 smackers.

So there I was, unemployed but filthy rich (I never had that much money before). I chilled at home, spent it all and what not. I enjoyed it too much and I forgot to look for a government job. 

My father had to scold me for squandering my money and life before I even applied for my Masters. Luckily, I got accepted to UP to study and pursue my dream of becoming an Ambassador.

The thing is, I had no idea how friggin' hard it is to study international relations! 

Because of that, I forgot my job hunting mission altogether. What's worse was I lost all my insurance numbers and IDs, giving me all the more reason to be defeated (I will NOT stay in those LONG lines AGAIN!!!).

Because I had no job, I also had no money. The bonus was spent on a Palawan holiday for my parents and  paying off all my debts (boo poverty). So I took on my sideline in college: writing papers and hosting events.

So here I am now, surviving in UP, unemployed and poor.

Funny thing is I always "apply" to online ads in jobstreet, but when they accept and schedule for interview, I back out. Isit because I'm scared?

No. It's because I'm terrified. (traumatic much? nah. just too chicken to do it again)


Find a job I want. (preferrably government)
Actually apply with sincerity.

Do you have any comments and suggestions? Please post them on the comment section below! If you know any job openings, don't hesitate to post them and I thank you in advance. :)

UPDATE ON Losing Weight:

Jogging early in the morning is a fail. Because of the lte night post, I was too sleepy to wakeup on time.
Gotta have more determination tomorrow! Discipline is a must! 

Eating meals with a small cup of rice. This is a challenge because poppa cooked menudo and caldereta, his specialties. I see them piling on hot yummy rice while I have a very lonely cup with me.

I have hunger pains, but I ignore them. Yes, hunger PAINS, not PANGS because this feeling of hunger is just sooo PAINFUL! I appease my pain by drinking water and logging on 9gag (yes I have no soul). I read in one of my books that this is just the body thinking that I'm starving myself when I'm only just trying NOT TO BE MORBIDLY OBESE.

I still have to check what my weight is. I gotta buy a weighing scale.

Thank you dear friends for all your comments and suggestions on losing weight! Rest be assured that I take this seriously and I will follow your advice. Keep them coming!

Another roll of shameless self promotion: 

Follow me on Twitter @maccerpacker for more antics and if you want to talk about losing weight and getting a job!

Email me on macrise_corrado@yahoo.com.ph for any commissioned work for papers, speeches, hosting jobs and event management! I AM VERY CHEAP PEOPLE!!! AND I COME ON TIME OR EARLIER! :) :) :)

Whew. This is a long post. I have to stop now because I'm typing this while in class, my professor thinking I'm taking notes. Once again, thank you for the support! From all over the world who read this, thank you! Watch out for the next post tomorrow!

Your ilusyonada,


PS. Do you like the memes? Should I take it out? Comments down below! :)

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