Friday, January 13, 2012

If the Top Fits... You Lost Weight!

I've had a pretty busy day today!

I went for a visit to my beloved alma mater, had two molars extracted, shopped for a refrigerator, gave a talk to a kid who still didn't know what to take for college...

But the best part of my busy day is when I got to by something from my good friend @ejmariegamboa's boutique!

Now EJ is not just any friend of mine..
She is the beauty queen, supermodel, entrepreneur, friend of mine.

Sometimes I wonder why I even stand beside her. :))

To keep things short, I was looking for a top to go with the skirt that I will wear for a certain occasion.
At first I really didn't expect to find anything there, because most RTW are for small to medium frames.
Frankly I was just looking for designs that I could ask my seamstress to make.

But lo and behold, a FREESIZE fabulous leopard print top appeared and it ACTUALLY FIT ME!

Imagine my surprise when the sleeves went through my arms effortlessly, and the buttons closed all the way to the top!!! Before, freesize meant no size for me, but this lovely fabulous top FITS!!!

Does this mean I'm actually losing weight??? OMG I HOPE SO!!!

Okay, I know that the top looks big already, and that is intended to look lose on the wearer, but the fact that I got that top to close up with no embarrassing moments is a feat to remember!

This face numbing procedure with my braces is totally worth it! Haha.

Well that's it for me. I got free aerobics with Momma tomorrow and Spanish class after.

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Once again, I thank you so much for reading my blog.. It may sound cliche, but I REALY wouldn't be doing this if not for you. Knowing that people actually read and care, makes me strive harder to achieve my goals!

Well goodnight and talk to you tomorrow!

Your ilusyonada,


  1. . .Another super fun read dear!♥ Keep it up. =)

  2. Thanks ate! :) I'm glad you enjoyed.. :)

  3. Hi, I can relate to your situation and congratulations for losing.... keep up the good work :)

    I'm going to shop for some clothes pretty soon... gotta lose weight fast! haha.... keep on writing! :)

    1. thanks! I hope we both reach our goal soon! :)