Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Have a Crush on my Korean Classmate!!!

Yep. The title says it all.

Oh my I am so gonna burn after this post...

But I just had to do it, I couldn't keep it any longer. HAHAHA

So his name is Heejin, a Korean on a scholarship taking Masters of International Studies.

He is a captain in the South Korea military.

He's married.

With kids.

Oh how I wish my classmates won't read this. HAHAHAHA.

I really do like it when he smiles, and the way he talks to me.. being so nice and all.

I know that nothing could possibly happen between us, but the thought of having a crush again delights me!

Uhm, I really just had to let it out.. I've been denying it since the day I met him and I think this is the perfect place! I can be scrutinized and criticized for having this crush on him, but I don't really care. haha.

Next week I'll try to post a picture of him, if I can do a stalker-pic. haha

THIS IS SOOOOO REALITY and not an illusion. I dunno if I can handle it. haha.

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Okay I gotta stop. I still owe you my blog post on January 9. Still thinking if I should publish it because I might not be able to handle possible consequences. We'll see. Until then, thank you for reading my blog and stay tuned for more! :)

Your ilusyonada,


  1. Kimchi is healthy for the body.... :)
    You just met him late dibale for sure your prince will come.... damn, this blog is better than what my sister watches (teledramas and all)... :)

    Keep it up

      Thanks Gelo for that and I know he will come soon, natraffic lang siguro. :) And thank you for the kind words!