Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Fourth Gender!!!

I do not want to get into the controversial hooplah of which is the first, second and third sex, and whether gays are considered as gender.. Leave that to the Pope and all the other people who have nothing else to do.

Because I believe there should be a fourth gender.

Yep. Aside from the male, female and LGBT, I believe that there should be a fourth gender assigned to straight women who fall for gay men.

At first, I thought I was the only one who was like this.
At first, I thought I was just being clueless, not using my gaydar right.
At first, I thought I was just in denial, thinking these gays would change.

But then I realized I'm not the only one, and boy are we a lot!
Then I realized I knew, deep down, that these guys that I fall for are prettier than me.
Then I realized I really was just falling for ze queens of ze society!

Let me count the ways of the gays I fell for:

Beki #1:
He is one of the guys in my forever alone post. Momma really knows best because she was already "jokingly" telling me that my "special guy friend" is gay.
That and also he had a term of endearment for my brother: "Koko Krunch"
WTF??? Seriously Mac, why didn't you get it?

He looked exactly like this, only with moreno skin.

Beki #2:
This guy is a really good friend of mine. I had the biggest crush on him (he's a theater actor) and he was really nice about it when I met him. Then I heard from our common friend that he's gay. Then he told me he's gay. Then I loved him even more. HAHAHA.
Nobody would ever suspect that he's gay, based from his strong fan base of girls (that tell me off when they see pictures of us together: we're not compatible blah...) and his really hott face and body (according to me haha).
But who am I to judge? When we hang out, go for coffee, watch a movie or just walk the street, more guys look and turn to him than me. Sigh.

Mario Maurer Peg! But Love of Siam mode. Don't know about this? Google it my friend!

Beki #3:
This guy is a good friend of Beki #2. Lately I just learned that he swings for the other team, and I just stood there, smiled and shook my head.
There were so many indicators already like: NGSB (No Girlfriend Since Birth), No flings.. Nothing!
And yet he won so many Mr. This and That contests because he just looked sooooo handsome.
I knew a friend whom he supposedly had a crush on made him kiss her, and yet he felt nothing.
Oh why does it have to be like this. :(

The classic hottness of Richard Chamberlain just radiates from this man.

Beki #4:
This guy is way too young for me. Right of the bat, I new he was gay, but I just adored his face and demeanor! Later on, I got to meet his boyfie, and boy do they make one good looking couple!
I say best of luck and congratulations to you guys! :)

Love of Siam couple with a happy ending. Again, Google my friend!

Beki #5
This guy is broke my heart. Not only did he make me wait FOR THREE LONG YEARS, I had to learn his preference from someone else! And just last weekend too! Yep, he is also in my forever alone post, and I still get pretty choked up when I think about it. Talk about betrayal to the infinity level. Tsk.

I'm posting Javier Bardem from Before Night Falls just because he had the most manly face.
Their personalities are so different though. :\

Funny thing though, because my parents like to set me up with the kids of their friends, who all turn out to be glitter-sweating, rainbow wearing, undeniably gay!

But then again, who wouldn't fall for gay guys if they look like these guys...
My ultimate gay crushes!

Chris Crocker



Francisco Lachowski

What hope is there for me???
I seriously find it difficult to find and fall for a straight guy. Sigh.

Now I think it's time to name the fourth gender: hmm.

I'd like to use the letter D, because it's the fourth letter of the alphabet. How about:



Devoid of Reality?

Damned to be Single Forever???

As I said to my good friend, "Mahirap maging babae sa panahon ng mga bakla" (It's hard to be female in the time of the gays).

Whew. I dunno if this is supposed to be funny or a rant.
Has anybody felt this way or am I the lone girl who has screwed up preferences? Post your comments down below!

And no, I won't post real pics of who the guys are! hahahaha. You can guess though, but I will never reveal the answer.

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Thanks again and stay tuned!

Your ilusyonada,

PS I hope I don't get flagged because of the pictures and videos. I'm just here to appreciate beauty! :)

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  1. Gender and sexuality aren't the same. Gender is how you see your self and sexuality is who you're attracted to. So this isn't a 'fourth gender' but I guess you could say it's a sexuality.