Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Forever Alone...

Yep. This is the one.

This is the post where I talk about my love life and my goal to have a man.

Basically, this is how I will sum up my love life:

It's funny because I have several GOOD LOOKING... and I sometimes even HOTT guy friends:

I have also had my fair share of relationships and heartaches... (hush don't tell my mom pleaseeee!!!)

A wise friend once said that the success of one's career is inversely proportional to the success of one's love life.

Let us check, shall we?

Boyfriend #1:

We met when I was 11 years old and he was 13. I had a really big crush on him since then. We met again two years later at an event in my poppa's office. We became a couple for a month and had a relationship through texting and calling (using a landline.. oh the old days). He broke up with me after he found my classmate prettier.

Boyfriend #2:

He was part of the youth group that I was in during my younger days. I was 15 going on 16 when we became a couple after FOUR days (love at first sight? hahaha). My momma kinda knew we had a 'lil something already, but she also knew that my guy and I have more in common... Like we both like boys.

Boyfriend #3:

He was our choir master (yes I was a pretty good girl.. back then). He was very sweet, kind and thoughtful. Then I met his girlfriend. I was gonna break it off but he said I was the one that he loved (we all heard that before) so I stuck with him. But after a few weekends when the girlfriend always showed up to choir practice, I just had to stop the foolishness.

Boyfriend #4:

Oh I thought he was my BIG LOVE (as Chuck and Blair would say it). I was 17, and just about to shift to my real course in college. I gave him everything, and he gave me nothing. to me, his presence was enough. We were the typical Filipino drama couple: two different worlds (as in he was a squatter!!!) but I didn't care because I loved him (haha). After 13 months, he broke up with me for a 15 year old girl.

Then came my flings... These are what you call EPIC FAILS:

Fling #1:

The start of college and it was my first time to meet REAL LIVE BOYS after going to an all-girl school for 12 years. I had a crush on this one guy and pretty soon we were very close and cozy with each other. It even came to a point when he said he loved me (again, don't you ever learn??). I didn't want to believe him at first, and I shouldn't have because once I did, he disappeared and became all weird around me. Then I asked him if it was true that he really loved me? he said:


Fling #2:

He was a basketball player in school. He was big and strong. And popular. But he was an asshole.
I never really liked him, but I was in that stage where I wanted to be popular (too late?). And I said POPULAR. Not be labeled as a SLUT (just because I was seen with a basketball player. Really people? you're that sexist?)

And then, the sad part... These are the FRIEND ZONED.

To those guys who think that girls never get friend zoned, well this is your proof.

Guy #1:

He was the "crush ng bayan". A cutie pie, and smart too! I became friends with him, became close... Then I became his tutor, his assistant, his fan, his agent, his manager... you get the idea. So I friend zoned myself because HE WAS TOO HIGH MAINTENANCE!!! But still a really good friend :)

Now we unlock a new level: THE FAMILY ZONE.

Now this is just me having a fucked up interest in men.

Guy#1 and #2:

These are bestfriends. One of them is actually the friend zone guy. I figured if I couldn't get him, I'll get the other one.

Then this happened:

Guy #3:

This is the guy I promised my best friend I won't talk about anymore. So I won't. Let's just say he made me wait for THREE LONG YEARS before I finally realized I will always just be his sister.

This is me when I talk about him. Before! hahaha

There are plenty others, but these were just the ones that made the biggest impact in my life, whether it be good or bad.

Now this isn't a pity party! I just want you all to know I was never really good with boys... Even men for that matter.

Most guys I meet, they either call me BRO, TOL, MAMEHN, or even MAMITA (sigh am I that old already?)

To tell you the truth, I have no idea how I'm gonna find a man.


I guess the only thing to do for now is to love myself even more, so that others will get to love me.. :)
(oh my was that a hallmark moment? hahaha)

And besides, I'm happy with this man for now:

And nope, he isn't my boyfriend.. Just a really good buddy, my better half :)

See? Some guys like to be in the friend zone!

Anyway, what else do you think I should do so I can get a man? And please don't tell me that true love waits and what not.

I just want a partner, and maybe you can help me get one! :) Please post on the comments section below! The crazier, the better!


Still haven't gone around to jogging. I woke up early but I had to stay home to wait for poppa.
I cleaned the whole house to compensate for not jogging. Two hours of sweeping and swiping really got me all worked up!

Momma bought a weighing scale for me! Yey!

I'll try it tomorrow. (still too chicken to see the truth)

Thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog! You have no idea how happy you are making me!

I hope you are entertained as much as I am delighted when you read my blog. :)
Thank you for the "getting fit" advice as well! I will post them all soon!

And I'm sorry for some of those who were offended by my foul language. Will try to censor even more next time. :)

Once again, follow me on twitter for more crazy! @maccerpacker

So there. I made it before midnight. Gotta catch some shut eye because I have a major report tomorrow. Love you all!

Your ilusyonada,

PS. All the friend zone and family zone guys are good friends of mine. I got over the fantasy of being their girlfriend a long time ago, so please no more issues! :)


  1. You're a 9gagger, aren't you Derpina? 9gag addict over here! Hahah.. Being in the friend zone sucks. I've been there before. Gotten over it, thankfully. Anyway's don't stress yourself too much in finding "the man" for you. Eventually, you'll meet him. One way or the other. We're not gonna be forever alone. There is still hope. =)

  2. Thanks fellow 9gagger Madeleine! :) I guess I just got tired of finding everyone I know coupling up and me still single... hihi Like a good friend told me, I ain't forever alone, just single. Keep on reading and thanks a bunch! :)