Sunday, January 15, 2012

Between Choosy and Yummy...

Better late then never don't you think?

Well I do.

Anyway, I'm sorry if I didn't post last night because it was one of those times that I just wanted to curl into a hole and stuff my face with food.

I was not at my best last night, and rather than succumbing to that sinful bliss, I went to my room and slept.. While my brothers ate all the sylvannas and Bizu desserts that Poppa had.

But today's post (actually yesterday's) is not about food or my failure in dieting... but boys. haha

"Huwag ka ng choosy kung hindi ka naman yummy."
(Don't be choosy if you aren't yummy)

An interesting conversation came about yesterday when Momma and I were waiting for the free aerobics session at the plaza.

I was jokingly commenting on the scarcity of STRAIGHT, SINGLE and GOOD LOOKING MEN in our neighborhood when she told me I couldn't find any men because "my standards were too high"

Me??? Choosy??? How can I be choosy when I don't have anyone to choose from???

It was an insult and Momma didn't even know it. I was really surprised that my mother thought I was too choosy, and I remembered the quote above.

Then again, Momma doesn't know that I have had relationships already (blame the conservative upbringing) because if she did, then she know how UNchoosy I am.

Besides, I also know that being choosy is pointless being that the ratio of STRAIGHT men to woman nowadays is 1 to 5.

I have more competitors vying for a very scarce strategic product that would most likely drink too much, fart in public, ignore me when the game is on, forget our anniversary and my birthday, and finally leave me for a younger competitor (NOW ASK ME WHY I FALL FOR GAY MEN!!!)

I think Grace was onto something here. Don't know the show WILL & GRACE?

I'm not exactly a beauty queen/ super model type,

I real size model. :)

or the bubbly girl next door,

not exactly fond of her but SHE GOT ALL THE GUYS I DREAM OF!

or even the mysteriously exotic nikita.

Who wouldn't like her? Tell me. TELL ME!!!

I'm the loud, boisterous, somtimes intimidating, best girl-bro to men. Sigh.

EPIC shot of me and Burger. :)

So I know I don't have the right to be choosy. And I'm not! Remember BF #4 from my Forever Alone post? Those people who knew me in college also knew what I went through for this guy and they will testify in front of court that I AM NOT CHOOSY.

In some ways, I knew I was shortchanging myself, because no matter how ugly or fat I was, I didn't deserve a man who would spend my money, accept my gifts then leave me when he gets bored... No woman deserves that.

But then again, I see a lot of girls my age hooking up, and they aren't lookers either. What about me???

I got over BF#4 after more than a year of running around after him. I learned that being UNchoosy is not the right path if I want to have a real loving relationship. But how can I be choosy if I'm not yummy?

I found a comic that shows exactly what I did:

Click on image to enlarge :)

I know I have the makings of a good girlfriend... One that you can actually introduce to your parents... One that your parents will like...

If only you would stop looking at my extra pounds.

I wish I can talk to Momma about this, but it's just gonna be one big clusterfuck when that happens.

Come to think of it now, I kinda like being single.

I know the right man is out there for me, biding his time until he sees I'm ready.
(wooshoo di nga??? haha)

So what do you think should be the parameters of being choosy? Does one really have to be yummy? Post your comments on the comment section below!

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Okay I'm gonna stop now because I'm too engrossed with Scabbers (my new hamster) running ala Tom Cruise on my sofa. haha.

Wanna laugh your tushies off? Check out Pablo Stanley on Facebook and 9gag for more comics like the ones in this post. :)

Once again... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING MY BLOG! :) You are my new found friends and thank you for being there for me... Grammatical errors, misspellings and all! :)

Your ilusyonada,


  1. You don"t need to be yummy(physically fit with abs and the like) to be attractive. There's more to LIFE than 'physical attraction'. Long lasting relationships does not depend on how great your partner looks like but depend on how the both of you handle it. When a couple turns grey and old, they don"t care if they still look good with the physique they have just like when they were young.

    CHOOSY? you can be choosy if you really want something for a brighter future. But then again, no one knows what will the future may bring to us. What I know is, we must live our life to the fullest, but of course, with limitations. We can't say that we have the right person as of the moment, or in the coming future.. what we can do is to do everything right for that magical moment to be the 'greatest' moment we have for the so called LOVE.


    I think I'm both.. ;))

    -Leo Kevin Mendiola