Friday, January 6, 2012

The Art of Jiggling My Jelly Belly!!!

I didn't get to jog again this morning. :(

Now this time I have no other excuse because I was just being lazy.
My wlarm woke me up at 6am and I just said "MEH" and went back to sleep.

When I woke up again two hours later, I was really furious with myself, because I really wanted to ACTUALY START actively losing weight, instead of just lessening my food intake.

To punish myself, I made sure I will clean the whole house.. Toilets included!

So there I was toiling away, and I saw a number of dvds and vcds that weren't classified yet.

Yes, I arrange our cds. Like this:

Then I tape the same colored paper on the dvd/cd. OCB +1!

And so it gave me another activity for the morning. While checking them out, I saw this:

I have always wanted to try out belly dancing because I love Indian culture!
One of my all time favorite movies is 3 Idiots and one of my favorite comedians is Russel Peters :)



Workouts aren't really my thing. It's one of the reasons why I still haven't joined any gyms because I was so insecure with the other people around me. That, and I don't have the moolah to spend. This was my chance to try a dance workout without having to look around if people are looking or laughing at me.

I guess this is how God was telling me "IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO START YOUR DAY RIGHT!"

This is your last chance. Don't screw it up!

So after cleaning the house, I turned on the DVD player and prepared to get jiggy with it.

This is Belly Dancing Boogie! (I stared at the screen for a good ten seconds before I pressed play again because I just realized how ludicrous this would be.)

The instructor's name is Rania,

And she has abs...



From belly dancing??? Seriously??? Then I better get this thing started.

Rania said that this would target the abdominal and lower back muscles.

I was getting more enthusiastic about this workout but when I tried to look for my abdominal and lower back muscles, I seriously didn't feel it. All I felt was the warm body fat covering my muscles, like a polar bear ready for hibernation. Then lifting my shirt, I just saw red streaks of stretchmarks.

Good grief.

I was about to just dive into depression like I always do,  but I stayed strong and went through with it.

Warm Up:
This move called the Camel.. thingy... Made every muscle in my body work for it!

I seriously thought it was already the exercise proper. IN less than five minutes, I heard more cracks and pops in my joints than in a bubble wrap left to an overly enthusiastic kid.

Now I am no Fred Astaire or Quest Crew member, but I pride myself for having some sort of rhythm in my body. During high school and even college, I showed my fair share of moves and it wasn't that embarrassing..

Boy was I wrong.

Oh my I was such an ilusyonada that it was only now that I noticed how much of a klutz I am:

I forget my lefts and rights.

The spider arms that was just like a waving motion was harder to do than it looked.


Trying to jiggle and swerve my hips into making a letter 8 WITHOUT moving my shoulders and head is pure torture to noobs.

Moving my body to like that of a wave is not a pretty sight (I kid you not).

And what's even worse is you see the instructors dancing with a smile and not even breaking a sweat.
What are they on, crack???

I guess they have to do that to motivate the viewers, and it was kind of effective.

I never dared asking anyone at home to take pictures of me doing the workout because that will be the beginning of a VERY LONG taunting game and the end of their respect for me (haha).

During the 30 minute workout, I really did enjoy every step, not only because of the good music and I can really feel the burn, but I LOVED ANSWERING BACK TO THE VOICE SAYING THE STEPS!!!

VOICE: This will stretch and tone your muscles...
ME: Stretching my patience too...

VOICE: Now we'll do the camel step...
ME: More like the camel toe.. (haha sorry couldn't help it)

VOICE: Turn, turn, spider arms, spider arms..
ME: Pshiew! Pshiew! (it's the said Spiderman makes when releasing the sticky web thing. get it? get it? meh)

VOICE: Now make your motions smooth...
ME: (already frustrated) I'M TRYING, I'M TRYING!!!

And my favorite line of them all...

VOICE: You can do it...

Cool down was worse than warm up! Now that I can feel every movement I make (with pain), I can definitely feel every part of me while I stretch from my head to my toes.

It was all good though! Despite the pain, I really did enjoy my 30 minute belly dancing workout.

I guess it was also the endorphin because even though the internet suddenly turned its back on me at home, I didn't let it ruin my day. (I'm writing this post in SM Fairview Starbucks.. I only ordered tea! Self control +1!)
(Update: SM WIFI sucks. Good thing the internet at home is fixed so I'm finishing this now.)

Now I can have my own workout schedule:
TTH: Belly dancing
SS: Walking with momma

DSo my friends, what do you think of this arrangement? I think I can make it work, but do you have anymore suggestions? Comments? Put them in the comment section down below! :)

To my dancer-friends.. What other dances can you suggest for me? I hear pole dancing is good, but I'm afraid I might look like a lechon or even break the pole. :\



Post suggestions of other dance workouts I should try out! Have you tried any dance workout? Did it work? Did it suck? Tell me all about them in the comments section below! :)

And for more cray cray moments, follow me on twitter @maccerpacker and you can tweet me your suggestions as well! :)

I have a really good feeling that I can succeed in this goal of getting healthy :)


I opened an app on FB that analyzes my name, and this is what I got:

What do you think of this? I seriously don't know how to tackle this.
I know it's just an app, but it might have some truth to it. What do you think? Comments down below and on twitter!

Once again, I would like to thank all of you for reading and following my blog! It means so much to me, knowing that I'm not alone in this pretty difficult journey of mine.
I know it sounds cliche, but I literally wouldn't be here without you guys.
If it weren't for you, I'd still be stuffing my face with food and just shrug off my new year's resolution.


Till tomorrow! Thanks a bunch!

Your ilusyonada,


  1. Hi macrise!!!! It's danica pascua, from holy! Hope you still remember me! I'm in toronto, canada now. Anyways i've been creeping your blog since u started writing.. loves it!! I was really overweight in high school din, peaking in 2nd yr. I decided to get my act together the summer before 3rd yr (para sa prom hehe). Ayun diet and exercise lang talaga!!! But you have to be patient, healthy weight loss max 2 lbs per week. I educated myself about food and exercise, tapos sa simula nag-food diary pa ako (to keep track of calories). The written diary realllyy helps. May mga websites din to help you track your food and exercise.. cant remember them now, try maybe. So yun since then i've lost 30 lbs and maintained. Yung exercise ko nung una simple activities lang, walking, biking, etc. I grew to love working out, now i do aerobic dance to keep active. I also bike around. Try mo aerobics and step classes! Or even kickboxing-type aerobics. Yun nga kung may $$$ ka to spare, join a gym for their drop-in fitness classes. I think they would work for you :) otherwise pwede naman dvd din hehe. Basta sa start, aim for cardio exercises to burn off the fat fast!!! Ok ang haba na nito, hope it helps. Any questions at all or kung gusto mo lang chumika, my email is on my fb:) good luck girl, i know it's tough!

  2. Hi Danica! Yep of course I remember you! FB friends pa nga tayo eh :) Thanks for the advice! I will try that food diary, baka sakaling mas ma conscious ako sa kinakain ko.. :) Will look for more dance workout dvds while i'm saving for a gym membership... It's nice to know that you found this blog! (eh ang agressive ko ba naman mag plug haha) I will follow your advice and hope for the best! Take care and thanks a bunch! :)

  3. hi sweetie! try not eating rice and in small amount of food lang. tempting at first pero masasanay na rin body mo :) i replace my usual sinangag-tuyo-suka breakfast to oatmeal and banana then pug lunch salad and mixed fruits then balike oatmeal sa gabi :) diet and exercise..thats the secret :) ako naman, nag enroll sa bikram yoga and magstart on monday :) kaya mo yan sweetie :)

  4. Hi! I can't help but comment, again.. I've been there before.. Experienced the pain of being a plus-sized woman. I just want to share the effective tips I used..=) (It's kinda long, hahah)

    I suggest na magdownload ka ng calorie counter app kung meron kang iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or any handy gadget na compatible sa app na idodownload mo. I suggest livestrong. That plus maintain a daily journal where you can record EVERY type of food and drinks you take (except water). Effective yan promise.. kc it will be easier for you to watch your diet.. naka-indicate ung daily calorie intake mo based on your body's ideal weight.. The key is to be consistent. Do it daily and don't ever procrastinate..

    Siyempre, hindi man pwede mawala ang regular exercise.. Sa first few months ng pgweight loss ko, I did it every night, 5-6 days a week.. 45mins. to 1 hour.. Tamad ako manood ng dvd tutorials and had no spare time to go to the gym so I download songs to my iPod and just dance my ass off with my own steps.. hahah.. It doesn't matter naman as long as ngbuburn ka ng fats at nagcoconcentrate ka sa parts ng body mo na kelangan mabawasan.. Maganda din maglagay ka ng girdle para umimpis ang tiyan mo at magka-shape ng bonggey..

    I dance in-front of the mirror or my dresser with a bond paper attached to it. Nakasulat dun ung motivational words ko para hindi ako mawalan ng momentum.. In front of the mirror naman para nakikita ung mga key points na kelangan iimprove..

    Mejo Mahirap talaga sa simula.. tiis-ganda at para sa health, alam mo yan.. hahah.. First month lang naman ang crucial diyan kasi you need atleast 3 weeks para mg adjust ang body mo sa new eating habits mo.. Consistency, motivation, and focus lang, dear..

    Ang magiging bestfriends mo diyan: water and coffee.. 7-8 glasses a day.. Minsan kasi akala natin nagugutom tayo un pala nauuhaw lang.. If you spend too much time in front of the computer,itabi mo lagi ung tubig sayo para pag nakaramdam ka ng gutom, inom agad.. Ung coffee naman kc nakaka supress ng hunger. Pero not too much, kc caffeine overload can induce paranoia and hallucination..

    Parang sobrang hirap noh? Pero hindi naman. Pag desidido ka talaga, walang makakapigil sa'yo.. Cravings and temptations, be damned. hahah.. Siyempre, you can have a "cheat day" once a week. Pero wag naman over ng 2500 calories.. ung masasatisfy lang ang sweet tooth at initial cravings mo..

    Mejo maraming achuchu yang mga tips pero effective yan.. I manage to lose 40+ lbs. in 7mos. I just took my time and enjoyed the whole process. Consistency lang talaga.. Ngayon, 5 lbs. na lng, maaachieve ko na ideal weight ko.. heheh..

    Wag ka magpapa-apekto sa paligid mo kc it won't help your diet. lol. Hayaan mo lang sila basta ikaw sesexy ka.. Kung may narinig ka mang nega na "Hanggang simula lang yan. Hindi ka papayat. Ang sarap kaya kumain." Don't mind them. Use those negative words as a challenge and motivation to reach your goal. Positive Vibes all the way..

    I love your blog by the way. I read it often. Nakaka-relate ako sa mga problems and experiences mo.. Girl, I feel you.. heheh.. I wish you lots of luck to reach all your goals by the end of the year. Kaya mo yan! Girl power, FTW!=)♥

  5. Thank you so much Madeleine! :) This will definitely help me.. :) Will update you soon!

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